Stop calling Kikuyus Hustlers, Ngunyi orders DP Ruto

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi speaks at a past press conference. PHOTO/COURTESY

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has asked Deputy President William Ruto to stop calling Kikuyus Hustlers.

In a Twitter post Monday afternoon, Ngunyi instead directed the DP to start referring to members of the Agikuyu ethnic community as clerks.

“It sounds better in our MOTHER TONGUE” said the political analyst in justification of his remarks.

DP William Ruto has been fronting himself as a “Hustlers” candidate for the 2022 election, something that has attracted the ire of those opposed to his bid including COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Dear Ruto, KIKUYUS don’t like being called HUSTLERS. In our MOTHER TONGUE, it is an INSULT,” said the firebrand political analyst who is believed to have close political ties with State House and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr. Ngunyi has been on the forefront leading the online onslaught against the DP’s bid.

Others believed to be working against the William Ruto 2022 political bid online include Nyeri Town Legislator Ngunjiri Wambugu and influential central Kenya jounalist-turned lawyer Wahome Thuku.

Mutahi Ngunyi also wants the DP to distinguish the Agikuyu community from his other followers.

“As you call your other followers HUSTLERS; you should CALL Kikuyus CLERKS!, ” he ordered in the tweet.

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