Man who makes your work, school uniforms, Covid-19 PPE's – MGM Ventures CEO Michael Gitonga

MGM CEO Mr. Michael Gitonga makes a point during an interview . His company has played a significant role in making of corporate uniforms and, medical PPEs and industrial safety equipment.

Michael Gitonga understands the textile industry in Kenya like the back of his hands. He has his eyes firmly set on competing bigger industrial players like Rivatex, the famed Eldoret textile maker dressing President Uhuru Kenyatta in his now famous Kitenge shirts.

And he seems to be getting the basics just right, after three years of persistent trying. From his modest office-cum-factory plant located at Night Rose House on Kirinyaga Road, Mr. Gitonga has played a significant role in the global fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

He has heavily invested in the textile business and boasts impressive textile heavy machinery.

Besides corporate and security garments MGM Ventures deals in medical respiratory protection wear,  including self-breathing respirators, 2 ply surgical masks, FF1 respiratory masks, carbonated respiratory masks, 3M full face mask respirators, half masks, filter pads and N-95 masks.

“At the start of the pandemic in early 2020, China ran out of supplies for health and medical equipment. Locally, companies like mine received a lot of orders to export what we had to China,” he told The Executive Talk Magazine.

“When the pandemic eventually  landed here, local companies like us had long exported much of what we had back to China and had to rise up to the occasion by making PPE equipment  locally so as to provide protective medical supplies to our health workers,” says the vibrant young man.

His products have a considerable online following, the clearest indicator yet that he is doing everything right. He is tech-savvy and runs his own Instagram page, which we found out boasts huge impression on many parameters.

Michael Gitonga has big dreams. He wants to manufacture quality clothing with excellent finishing for both industrial and individual use in Kenya and for exports globally. In three years, his company has witnessed good growth.

MGM Ventures already employs about thirty workers doing the cloth and equipment production alone. He manufactures medical PPE’s and also imports protective industrial and medical equipment from outside Kenya.

MGM Ventures also deals in face shields, protective googles, infrared thermometers, local and imported shoe covers and medical personnel wear, all manner of gloves, surgical gowns and sanitizers.

However, he says MGM Ventures has always been bigger on uniforms. “We manufacture clothing , and also brand  all manner of uniform wear: corporate uniforms, school Uniforms, hospitality industry uniforms, laminated and woven overalls, promotional items and also deal in all manner of safety wear and equipment,” says Michael Gitonga.

He prices at wholesale for most of the clothing and uniform made by MGM Ventures.  Away from Instagram, the clothes, equipment and textile services offered by MGM Ventures can be viewed on Yellow Pages online, both in Kenya and globally.

According to Mr. Gitonga clients can view and order for all manner of uniforms and protective wear on MGM Ventures’  Instagram account, where he provides solutions for literally all  manner of corporate dressing and safety equipment, both industrial and medical.

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