How Kenya’s DigiTalents initiative is training Huawei’s next certified ICT Associates.

By Dickson Ogutu dickson@theexecutivetalk.co.ke As Kenya’s ICT Authority begins recruitment for its fifth cohort of DigiTalents, it is ramping up


Pandemic, Recession: The Global Economy In Crisis.

By correspondent newsdesk@theexecutivetalk.co.ke 2020 Contraction in global economic activity will be close to 4 % — more than twice as

Job and Sammy

Minet Kenya launches Covid-19 pandemic insurance premium financing

By Dickson Ogutu dickson@executivetalk.co.ke Minet Kenya has launched an insurance premium financing offering that enables easy payment of premium in


Tala, Branch & 17 others rebuke Okash & Opesa for informing relatives of your outstanding mobile loans

By correspondent newsdesk@teexecutivetalk.co.ke Nineteen mobile phone lenders in Kenya including Tala & Branch have now joined hands to rebuke overbearing

Alcohol distributors in Kenya oppose proposed tax increase on low-priced alcohol, say more Kenyans will run to kumi kumi.

By correspondent. newsdesk@teexecutivetalk.co.ke Alcohol distributors in Kenya have opposed a proposal to increase tax on low priced beer and keg


262 test positive for Covid-19 in Kenya in under 48 hours as employer’s umbrella body FKE issues preventive Covid-19 return to work measures.

By Dickson Ogutu dickson@theexecutivetalk.co.ke A total of 262 persons have tested positive for Covid-19 in Kenya in the period spanning